10 February 2021


Participation of Haris Meidanis at webinar concerning the Mediation.
Edwards Mediation Academy & Nomiki Bibliothiki, announce a new collaboration, introducing New Asynchronous Training Program “The Effective Mediation Advocate: Winning at Mediation”. In this context, Mr. Bruce Edwards, JAMS Mediator, Mediator Trainer, Edwards Mediation Academy, presented the value of lawyers’ expertise in mediation in the client representation process. Mr. Edwards, presenting the training programs of Nomiki Bibliothiki for the legal representation in mediation, surrounding with:
Dimitra Gavril, Attorney at law, Mediator
Haris Meidanis, Attorney at law, FCIArb, Mediator
The webinar took place at Wednesday 4th of February both in Greek and English.

For further information about Mediation please contact us at admin@hmlaw.gr



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