In our practice, we work closely with our clients, and we bring up solutions – oriented approach. In this context our firm provides legal advice on issues such as banking loan agreements, bonds, documentary credit and letters of guaranty.

In this context our law firm offers legal advice to companies in relation banking loans, bonds, documentary credits and bank guarantees.

We also advise banking institutions in the field of supervision and regulatory issues. In this respect we undertake the drafting of legal opinions, usually on complex matters, oftentimes with international dimension. Furthermore, our firm has undertaken the drafting of banking products agreement templates, on behalf of a Greek private investment bank.

In the field of banking litigation, our team of lawyers possesses experience based on a multiannual cooperation with a major systemic bank having very successful outcomes, in the handling of issues relating to the adjudication of banking law disputes and the recovery of bank depts. Moreover, we have extensive judiciary experience with very successful outcomes, in the handling of issues relating to abusive clauses of banking loans.

Similarly, our team possesses considerable experience in the field of dept restructuring and banking Mediation.

Additionally, our firm provides full legal support, concerning Stock Exchange and capital market law issues, both by consulting and representing its listed clients in the Athens Stock Exchange before Greek Authorities.