11 November 2021

Registration foreign acts – Questions of personal actions

Non-Greek nationals/ residents have recently trusted our office in relation to the assignment of cases of registration in the Special Registry of their children (births abroad that either by mistake or due to aleck of knowledge have not been registered in Greece) in order to facilitate the process of succession and/or parents’ benefits / donations, as well as the process of possible granting of pensions by the Greek State. We have also undertaken the registration of weddings and divorces, following – depending on the country of origin – the court route for the recognition of the foreign decision of granting a divorce. These procedures are very important to be done proactively as when the parent decides to transfer property in Greece (either following a parental donation or under succession) the procedure that his/her children will have to follow due to the above omissions in records of events such as marriage, divorce, birth will be time consuming.



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