20 March 2020

Labour measures regarding Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. The employer is the one that decides the alternatives regarding the place of work such as teleworking and the employee has to follow the employer’ s decision.
  2. What changes are brought to ERGANI digital system: From March the 3th till April the 10th 2020 the employer’s obligation of filing the E4, E8 and E12 forms to ERGANI is postponed. Any changes regarding the employees’ working hours shall be uploaded cumulatively to ERGANI once every month.
  3. If the employee belongs to a vulnerable population group or/ and is pregnant or/ and he/she or their family show signs of infections from coronavirus they can chose among:
  4. Working from home
  5. Taking a special leave of absence due to the suspension of the operation of all educational institutions until 26/3
  6. Abstaining from his/her working duties as a precautionary measure which is a form of paid leave
  7. Due to suspension of the operation of all educational institutions, employees that are parents are entitled to a paid leave that should not last less than 4 days. 3 days are considered a special leave and the fourth day is part of the regular annual leave. The 3 days are not all paid by the employer, actually the employer has to pay the 2/3 of these days and the state will pay the 1/3.
  8. In accordance with the suggestions of the employers’ unions, employers must additionally:
  9. Take thorough care of the cleanliness and sanitation of the workplace (e.g. thorough cleaning, possibly disinfection and guest control).
  10. Provide the employees with the necessary simple hygiene products (e.g. tissues, soap and hot water, alcoholic solutions, trash cans that are emptied frequently).
  11. Offer to the employees all feasible alternatives for working time, in order to, on the one hand, reduce their chances of being co-infected by virus carriers and on the other hand to facilitate the overcoming of their personal and family problems due to the public health protection measures.
  12. Suggest to the employees all possible alternatives regarding the place of work, such as: teleworking or working remotely or from home.
  13. Suggest to the employees all possible alternatives regarding working methods and means, such as: cancelation of transitions abroad and inside the country, limitation of meetings, their replacement by teleconferences or videoconferences, avoiding sharing materials such as pens, pencils, phones, keyboards, etc.






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