Succession law covers a wide range of cases, to which our company has responded with great success. Such cases usually commence at the stage where the principal seeks our legal advice for the fairest and in line with his will, settlement of his property after his/her death.
At this point and given the sensitivity with which the legal adviser must deal with the client, there are difficulties that require a deep knowledge of the provisions governing succession law, so that the client’s wish does not infringe the rights of third parties which may lead to breach of will and legal disputes among the heirs.

We also have many years of experience in dealing with complex issues of succession law that require in-depth knowledge of related subjects of family law, real estate and private international law, in order to advise the representative and on the other hand to represent whether it is an unallocated or testamentary inheritance or a movable or immovable inherited property. We also provide support to heirs throughout the formal and substantive process that follows the death of the heir, namely the declaration of inheritance tax, the preparation of a draft deed of acceptance of inheritance, the issuance of a will, the publication of wills, any renunciation of inheritance or any settlement of inheritance if it will ever arise.

On the other hand, we provide legal advice and representation (judicial or extrajudicial) to either party in succession related litigation, in relation to cancellation of a will, violation of legal status, etc. In addition, we undertake in the framework of private international law the comprehensive and effective handling of inherited property, movable and immovable, domestically and abroad with the collaboration of foreign lawyers.

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