1. Administrative law constitutes the legal framework within which public administration is carried out. This body of law governs the activities of administrative agencies of government, the action of which may include rule making, adjudication, or enforcement of a certain regulatory schedule.

2. In the context of offering to our clients complete legal support, our firm keeps up with the relevant legislation in a vast breadth of areas, such as public health, medical equipment, medical and parapharmaceutical products, tourism, industry, energy, food and steel products. In that way we provide our clients with proper consulting services.

3. Our firm possesses a wide experience in the field of Public Tenders and is undertaking both the preparation of clients’ participation in the tender procedure and the representation of clients before the State administration, as well as before the Greek Administrative Courts, when disputes arise.

4. Tax consulting constitutes another activity of ours. Our law firm has a good track record in respect of corporate related tax and double taxation issues, with the assistance of external associates when required. In this context, we represent legal entities and individuals in their cases before tax authorities and tax courts.

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