1. Real estate has emerged as an attractive long-term investment for investors seeking diversification and stable yields in an uncertain economy. As a sector, real estate must both compete with other investment classes and offer a desirable product to end-users whether they are buying or leasing. In addition, many traditional real estate investors are looking to acquire portfolios that transcend borders resulting in the emergence of a global real estate industry.

2. Our law firm offers full legal coverage to our clients for the whole spectrum of their affairs linked to any kind of real estate property (residential, rural and professional). We provide comprehensive support on legal and tax matters regarding every type of real estate transaction, from conveyancing, lease or leasing contracts and construction contracts to private real estate investments and specialized commercial utilization such as purchasing or leasing of industrial sites, office buildings, hotel buildings and commercial centers. We have also successfully dealt with cases of disputed property rights, complex issues of property law, settlement of claims against property rights and legal remedies of the National Cadaster Registry. In this context, a number of cases we are handling are also related to succession law issues.

3. Furthermore, our law firm collaborates with a State-Owned Company, on issuing legal opinions on permitted land uses and investment projects in areas of Greece, according to law 3894/2010.

4. For the quality of our services, we are trusted by many foreigners as well as Greeks of the Diaspora.

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