Loans denominated in Swiss Franc

Our firm Partner Theodor Seremetakis has represented with absolute success a systemic Greek Bank in a number of the so-called swiss franc court cases. These are case where the borrowers had received loans denominated in  swiss franc instead of euro, a fact that led many of them to question the legality of certain terms of such loans. In this respect, Mr Seremetakis has secured a series of positive judgments for thr Bank, (2319/2018  CA of Athens and 204, 1365, 1387, 1395, 1749, 2261, 2353, 2358, 2379, 2587, 2612, 2952, 3694, 4326, 4396, 4626, 4628 of the year 2017, and 1620, 1907, 2206, 2458, 3320, 3655, 3720, 4106, 4170, 4790 of the year 2018, and 98/2019 of the Multimember Court of First Instance of Athens. The reasoning of these judgments (always in favour of the Bank) was finally adopted by the Plenary Session of the Supreme Country (Areios Pagos) judgment 4/2019.

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