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    Meidanis - Seremetakis & Associates

    Law Firm


    Our Law Firm’s focus is the overall coverage of the legal needs of enterprises and is the continuation of Petros Pagoulatos & Associates law office, established in 1958.

    In this context we follow closely the day-to-day operation of our clients, and we offer them legal guidance and legal opinions. We also represent them before Courts in Greece as well as arbitral tribunals. Last but not least, we handle their cases abroad on cooperation with local lawyers.

    Among our clients rank:

    A systemic commercial bank, in the field of adjudication and compulsory payment of bank debts
    A significant group of companies in the field of steel processing and resale, consisting among others of a listed on the ASE company and international joint ventures with a world leading company of this field
    A car fleet management and operating leasing company, subsidiary of a foreign bank
    A food company, subsidiary of a leading multinational group of companies with a continuous presence and a very important position in the Greek market
    A commercial company in the field of advanced technology medical equipment with leading presence in Southeastern Europe
    A foreign freight forwarding company with a significant activity in Southeastern and Eastern Europe
    One of the biggest companies in the field of packaging products in Greece.
    A leading company in the field of import and sale of hearing aid devices
    A company specialized in non-destructive, heat treatment and mechanical testing of oil and gas pipelines with important presence out of Greece
    A foreign company in the energy sector with important international presence
    An innovative hotel management company with leading presence in one of the most famous Greek touristic destinations
    A Leading Greek exporting company in the field of olive oil and food.
    Hotel management companies, medical equipment companies, a company specialized in the production and distribution of eyeglasses, a para pharmaceuticals company, renewable energy company, a clothes trading company, a company producing raw materials for building construction, a software company, as well as an electric equipment company.

    In addition, our office:

    Retains stable and long-time partnerships with foreign law firms and is member of the international network of lawyers,LEGUS
    Retains a network of cooperating lawyers in major Greek cities
    Has extensive expertise in Southeastern European and Mediterranean countries, while members of our firm have represented Greek clients in these countries.
    Has the honour of representing one of the EU founding states’ Embassy in its legal cases in Greece
    Has represented clients before Greek Courts of all instances (Supreme Courts included), as well as before the European Courts
    Members of our office have extensive experience in ADR methods, particularly arbitration and mediation

    Apart from Greek, working languages of the members of our office is English, French, German and Spanish.

    Our approach

    Close and sincere cooperation with our clients
    Timely and efficient planning of the needs of the clients
    Pinpointing the crucial issue for the client and organising the best possible solution
    Prevention and extensive use of alternative Dispute Resolution methods.

    We do our best to be both precise and punctual in our work. In this respect, we inform our clients about the progress of their case without any delay. We focus on the client’s special needs and provide customised services, being committed to professional ethics. We put a lot of emphasis in building up a solid and long-term relationship with the client, based on mutual trust.