1. People nowadays are more depending on technology to do works daily, using Laptops, Smartphones and internet. Besides lots of products and services are provided online, thus can be easily accessible through simply using internet. In this context, many are the legal issues that arise in connection with transactions operated online.

2. In the field of internet Law, website compliance is a way of ensuring transparency and governance, so as to protect business as well as the rights of potential customers and visitors of a website. In this respect terms of use are essential in the purpose of limiting the liability of a website, as they must be specific to a business, the kind of activity provided on the site as much as the Countries of operation.

3. Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in providing full legal services to websites, including GDPR compliance and e-commerce compliance, dealing with issues arising from requirements of European law.  We also provide legal advise on issues relating to Social media, in particular issues about the owner of the content being shared, the conditions and limits of sharing, in connection with trademark infringement, copyright infringement, social media marketing, labor relations and more.

4. In this regards, we are very proud to announce you that our firm’ s policy provides for the extensive use of technology, in each and every aspect of its activities, involving the use of cloud based technology, data analytics, a fully updated electronic library with subscriptions to various legal databases, our high tech conference room, to name a few.

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