4 June 2019


1) If you hire a real estate agent, you need to pay attention to the terms of the agreement to be signed with the agent.

2) We recommend that you or your representative visit the property you are interested in and pay special attention to components that can be removed from the property, eg air conditioners, built-in electrical appliances, etc. 3) Many properties in Greece have legal issues regarding urban planning requirements, for example some areas have been built without the required urban planning permission or in excess of this permit. Settlement of this issues may delay the process considerably (submission of the papers proving the settlement before the final contract is required).

4) BEFORE giving any advance payment, you must assign to a lawyer the legal check of the property.

Something you must pay attention to, is the fact that the Land Registry is still not completed in many parts of Greece. An experienced lawyer can guide you in such cases and help you resolve the issues that may arise. In this respect, a last time appointment must be avoided.

5) Before the final contract, the sellers must provide you with proof of payment of utility bills.

6) It is very important to know if the property is leased. 7) A problem that often emerge in real estate purchases concerns other spaces that you buy together with the main property, eg parking spaces, warehouses.




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